Jeremy's patch on the internet

Someone who likes making nice websites and other things

After tinkering in the web game for over a decade now, I'm really starting to enjoy it! I think if I won lotto tomorrow I would still have a few projects on the go, it is a great feeling, having your creation out there for the world to see and touch. I am a big fan of a good user experience and design. I'm regularly looking at real world interfaces, everything from cars to ATMs and think "How would I make that better?"

I am currently the lead creative developer at DogHouse. Originally stationed in Perth Australia, but now heading up an east coast expansion in Melbourne. I am a team member for the open source media center Kodi. I strongly believe in open source software and enjoy contributing back to such an amazing community.

I created Chorus, a web interface for Kodi/XBMC. It's used by thousands of people to control their media center via a web browser. A complete rebuild is currently underway, codename: Chorus 2. I also designed the new Kodi logo for the rebranding from XBMC.

This site is a place for me to post my wares. Check out my Blog for some informational articles or maybe browse my past projects for things I have built.