Projects and Portfolio

Some custom built projects out in the wild

So this is where much of my free time goes. A collection of recent bits and pieces that showcase some of my skills. They mainly consist of hobby, open source, and helping out a mate projects.

  • Chorus is the most popular web inteface for controlling Kodi. Amongst thousands of other features, it allows you remote control you tv/stereo with a web browser.

  • XBMC rebranded to Kodi, I was asked to do the new logo. I created both the placeholder logo and the final design which is now the internationally recognised brand.

  • Food and Coffee by the sea. A responsive one pager with a minimalist design

  • Web design and development. Crofft delivers cutting edge technology that results increasing both crop yields and quality.

  • Wula Guda Nyinda operates a variety of tours designed to explore the cultural ties of the Nhanda and Malgana people to the Shark Bay region.

  • The Diamond Lounge is Perth's only luxury limo-coach. A coach of this calibre required a classy website, and that's what we built for them.

  • AuStar is the worlds most advanced and engineered paclobutrazol based plant growth regulator delivered to you at the best possible price.

  • Web design and build. OWB are the proven specialists in Aboriginal Affairs.

  • Designed and developed one of Australias top free dating sites.